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Remove DPF

A diesel particulate filter, also known as a DPF, is a particle filter individually intended for current diesel engines. The DPF is designed to lessen contamination by straining out solid soot particles from a car’s emissions. The gases coming from the exhaust stream into the honeycomb-like brick which takes out most of the soot particles in the process.

The gathered soot particles extracted from the gases don't easily break up so a cycle is then performed by the engine control module to burn off the build-up of overload residue, known as Regeneration. The DPF accumulates particulate matter and will over time become blocked. Once it builds up a 70%-90% blockage, it is advised not to drive the vehicle to further avoid any additional damage.

Save Money

DPF removal is one solution to the extra cost of having to clean out your DPF every now and then. The steps required to remove the DPF are not too onerous and can be done easily at a garage or even on your own if you have some equipment and a little knowledge. All you need to do is; raise your automobile by means of a jack. Place a four jack stand so that the vehicle is off of the ground.

Try finding the location of DPF, which can be seen next to the transfer case on the transmission, in line with exhaust. Spray the threads on the exhaust next to the DPF using the silicone spray. Unfasten the filter starting the exhaust using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket. Then proceed to remove the exhaust to pull the filter out of it. To separate the DPF from the vehicle, slip it through the back bumper, down to the exhaust, and out of the vehicle.

Fuel Economy

One reason why it is often best to remove DPF from the vehicle is because often a problem occurs in the DPF and obviously this costs to fix. Secondly the DPF can create an obstruction in the exhaust system of the vehicle and by removing the DPF, the fuel economy of the vehicle can increase by 20%.

Think of it as a solution

DPF removal is a great solution to reduce vehicle costs and avoid expensive repairs since the cost of removal can be as high as £1,500. Once the DPF breaks it is likely that the performance of the engine will go down making further costs for the owner. That's why it is better to remove DPF when you can.

Vehicles we work with:

  • Audi DPF Removal
  • Alfa Romeo DPF Removal
  • BMW DPF Removal
  • Citroen DPF Removal
  • Fiat DPF Removal
  • Ford DPF Removal
  • Mercedes DPF Removal
  • Peugeot DPF Removal
  • Renault DPF Removal
  • Saab DPF Removal
  • Seat DPF Removal
  • Suzuki DPF Removal
  • Vauxhall DPF Removal
  • Volkswagen DPF Removal

and many more manufacturers.

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